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The AUTM Leadership Forum is a high level forum for seasoned academic technology transfer professionals and their industry counterparts from around the world. The goal of the forum is to connect university professionals with industry colleagues to discuss taking a leadership role in accelerating commercialization. As a group, we will identify tactics to advance the technology transfer profession and practices globally.

It is a well-accepted fact that innovation is the key to growing and maintaining our nation’s competitiveness in the global economy. For example, the United States gets more than half of its economic growth from industries that barely existed a decade ago, and three fourths of new jobs are found in entrepreneurial companies fueled by innovation. It is also widely known that universities are increasingly the most important source of the innovation pipeline that is driving our economy. In one sector alone – biotechnology – the evidence is especially clear. The most recent list of the “top 20 biotechnology patent entities” is dominated by universities, and all of the “most cited” biotechnology patents come from academia. Many other sectors are likewise heavily dependent on universities.

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