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Steve Jobs built—and then revived—Apple by fusing technology with design. IBM has remained a top player in its industry for roughly a century by investing in research that is often a decade ahead of its time. Facebook “moves fast and maintains a stable infrastructure” (but apparently doesn’t break things anymore). Each of these companies, in its own way, is a superior innovator. But what makes Google (now officially known as Alphabet) different is that it doesn’t rely on any one strategy, but deploys a number of them to create an intricate—but powerful—innovation ecosystem that seems to roll out innovations by the dozens.


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Every organisation and every leader that you talk to today, wants to build a culture of innovation and a breakthrough product as soon as possible. However, if we look closely, there are three ways to come up with an idea that has the potential to become a breakthrough innovation: Imagination Insights Challenging current assumptions Lets talk about all the three in a bit more detail.


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The next chapter of Snapchat's life will begin over the coming months, as parent company Snap, Inc. goes public with an initial offering that could value the firm at approximately $20 billion. Success is far from certain: The Venice Beach, Calif.-based Snap has warned in investor documents that it could lose users to competitors with “greater resources and broader global recognition" — shorthand for the Facebook-owned Instagram. Snapchat's once-meteoric growth is showing signs of slowing, with only 8 million new users over the last six months.


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Technology Servers Server

Top management must lead an enterprise-wide effort to find and protect critically important data, software, and systems as part of an integrated strategy to achieve digital resilience.

The idea that some assets are extraordinary—of critical importance to a company—must be at the heart of an effective strategy to protect against cyber threats. Because in an increasingly digitized world, protecting everything equally is not an option. The digital business model is, however, entirely dependent on trust. If the customer interface is not secure, the risk can become existential.


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No matter how well virtual reality mimics the sights and sounds of flying, floating, or swimming, it’s impossible to feel that you’re really doing those things when your feet are planted firmly on solid ground. So Stephen Greenwood and Allan Evans are making a VR headset that you can wear underwater.

Greenwood, director of creative development at Discovery Digital Networks, and Evans, cofounder of headset maker Avegant, started working on it in December after talking about what it would be like to combine an isolation tank—where you float in a dark, silent room, alone—with virtual reality.


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Seven alien, Earth-sized worlds bask in the cool, red light of their parent star. The planetary menagerie exists around a star overlooked by other exoplanet hunters, although it is just 12 parsecs (39 light years) from Earth.

Astronomers have found other seven-planet systems before, but this is the first to have so many Earth-sized worlds. All of them orbit at the right distance to possibly have liquid water somewhere on their surfaces.

Image: NASA/ESA/STScI/J. de Wit An artist's illustration shows two Earth-sized planets spinning across the face of an M dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1.

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Some big ideas seem to appear out of nowhere, but in 2008 Chuan He deliberately went looking for one. The US National Institutes of Health had just launched grants to support high-risk, high-impact projects, and He, a chemist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, wanted to apply. But he needed a good pitch.

He had been studying a family of proteins that repair damaged DNA, and he began to suspect that these enzymes might also act on RNA. By a stroke of luck, he ran into molecular biologist Tao Pan, who had been investigating specific chemical marks, called methyl groups, that are present on RNAs.


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Clock Time Hour Minute Watch Structure Instrument

When Caitlin Kalinowski joined Oculus as the head of product design engineering in 2014, her team was sweating on a challenge: design the controllers that would be paired with the hotly anticipated Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. At the time, VR was largely uncharted territory, with little precedence for what the hardware should look or feel like. Working with designers led by Oculus's industrial design head Peter Bristol, Kalinowski’s team began to weigh various factors that would determine how the product would ultimately feel.


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do not disturb

You’re giving a presentation on the company’s strategic direction when one of your colleagues interrupts you. You pause, address his question, and continue with your point — until he interrupts again. Sound familiar?

All of us have known colleagues, friends, or romantic partners who seem unable to let us finish a sentence. How do you handle them effectively? There are a number of tactics. But it is important to understand when and why people interrupt others.


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Dolphin Counseling Inspiration

Here's a request: Please stop posting videos of incredible encounters with wildlife in stunning locations while we're working 9 to 5. It's just cruel.

Take Luke Taylor, who caught vision of these dolphins hanging out at Tallow Beach, near Byron Bay, Australia on Feb. 17. The creatures can be seen swimming and jumping alongside the surfers. 

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"It was so magical to see them so calm & joyful in their own habitat with all the surfers around them," Taylor wrote in the video's description. Dare to dream.


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Ariel Bogle

Despite burying us up to our neck in hype, the virtual reality industry is off to a very slow start.

Apparently, VR hardware penetration in Australia will only reach 25.5 percent of households in 2021. Currently, about 2.3 percent of local households have some sort of VR available.

For the moment, high-tech, pricier VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are not dominant. According to consumer research company Telsyte's Australian VR & AR Market Study 2017, mobile VR headsets accounted for some 70 percent of the 216,000 VR headsets sold in Australia in 2016.


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Science Center

Researchers developing technologies to improve therapeutic success among radiotherapy patients, prevent chest wall collapses in pre-term infants with respiratory distress, and assist surgeons with pre-operative planning for femur fracture alignments will receive a total of $600,000 in funding through the ninth round of the University City Science Center’s QED Proof-of-Concept Program. The program, started in 2009, funds novel university technologies with market potential, bridging the gap between academic research and product commercialization. The awardees were selected from a pool of 64 applicants from 15 academic and research institutions in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

The QED grants will support researchers at Penn State College of Medicine, Rowan University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Each team will receive $200,000; half of which will be contributed by the Science Center and half by the researchers’ institutions. Each project will also receive guidance from the Science Center’s experienced team of Business Advisors.


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