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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.


As an Angel investor to startups, I’m still surprised to find entrepreneurs who expect investors to give them money, and then disappear into the sunset. Would you do that if it was your money? If the entrepreneur wants total control of their own venture, with no one looking over their shoulder, they should work within the limits of their own resources, a process called bootstrapping.


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WASHINGTON - The US Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Smithsonian Institution have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) establishing a five-year collaboration to develop programs and exhibitions showcasing American innovation. According to the USPTO, some upcoming joint efforts will include a major new intellectual property (IP) exhibition at the National Museum of American History, as well as an Innovation Festival and educational programs at the Smithsonian’s American Art and National Air and Space museums. The first joint event as part of the MOA will be a weekend festival at the National Air and Space Museum Nov. 1 – 2. 


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map Quandapanda

Commerce knits the modern world together in a way that nothing else quite does. Almost anything you own these days is the result of a complicated web of global interactions. And there's no better way to depict those interactions and the social and political circumstances that give rise to them than with a map or two. Or in our case, 38. These maps are our favorite way to illustrate the major economic themes facing the world today. Some of them focus on the big picture while others illustrate finer details. The overall portrait that emerges is of a world that's more closely linked than ever before, but still riven by enormous geography-driven differences.

Image: Quandapanda

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Lots of startups think they need to have connections to get angel funding. But that isn’t always the case. There are ways to network and give your startup a better chance to get funded even without powerful connections. David Rose, author of “Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups” recently shared some insights with Forbes on the subject explaining:


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WESTERVILLE, OH—SSTI celebrates the Department of Commerce announcement that it will award $15 million in new funding for Regional Innovation Grants via the 2014 Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) program. With this announcement, the Department will begin soliciting applications for three separate Regional Innovation Strategy funding opportunities, including the i6 challenge, Science and Research Park Development Grants and Cluster Grants to support the development of Seed Capital Funds.

Establishing funding for the first time through the RIS marks a great legislative victory for SSTI. Despite its creation by Congress in the America COMPETES Act of 2010, the program had never been funded.

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Carolina Leon

When it comes down to it, you only have five minutes to convince people your product is disruptive and something people will actually buy.

As a tech startup, you are probably fluent in the language of investors, tech journalists and entrepreneurs. But sometimes, your needs call for you to step out of the tech bubble and pitch to an audience that, figuratively, speaks an entirely different language.


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Josh Linkner

Far too often, I read articles about the glamorous life of entrepreneurs – founders mixing with the “who’s who,” crazy exits, trendy offices, and of course… hoodies to work. While that is one tiny section of what entrepreneurship could be, it’s not what startup life is, the vast majority of the time. A more realistic portrayal of life as a founder is a night sweat: feverish anxiety about closing a big client the next day, making payroll, a technology pivot, or ensuring the success of a key hire.


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echStars LLC Managing Partner David Cohen

The rapid influx of business incubators and accelerators is expected to result in a shakeout during the coming decade, a founder of a high-profile U.S. business accelerator said Thursday. It’s inevitable that the creation of those business-nurturing entities will slow and be subject to a correction that weeds out the weak ones, said David Cohen, a principal with Colorado-based TechStars LLC.

Image: echStars LLC Managing Partner David Cohen 

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Big companies that fail to innovate risk extinction. That's the stark truth in the era of "digital disruption".

Just look at the likes of Woolworths, Polaroid, Alta Vista, Kodak, Blockbuster, Borders... the list goes on. All steamrollered by strings of ones and noughts and changing consumer behaviour.

But why are so many big companies so bad at it?


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