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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

Prepare for dough for plastic wrap 2022 09 16 02 42 28 utcResearcher Dr. Feng Jiang developed the wood-based alternative to single-use plastic in research published in the ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

To create the product, Dr. Jiang breaks down wood fibers from forest waste in a solution of cold sodium hydroxide along with some mild mechanical blending. The process creates a plastic-like film that is strong, translucent, and water resistant.


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Cursor and Thickened battery electrodes hint at fast charging EVs with doubled rangeScientists experimenting with key components in lithium batteries have come up with a promising new design that could one day see electric vehicles charge much faster, and offer twice the range at the same time. The breakthrough centers on a new, thickened electrode made up of vertically stacked layers that allows for easier transport of lithium ions.

Image: A battery breakthrough holds exciting promise for the performance of future electric vehiclesDepositphotos

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Herpes virus genetically engineered to kill cancerScientists have genetically modified a strain of the herpes virus to act as a cancer-killing agent in humans. Findings from an initial human trial are encouraging, with the experimental treatment proving safe and promisingly effective.

“Viruses are one of humanity’s oldest enemies, as we have all seen over the pandemic,” explained Kristian Helen from the Institute of Cancer Research. “But our new research suggests we can exploit some of the features that make them challenging adversaries to infect and kill cancer cells.”

Image: The herpesvirus is designed to be injected into tumors and attract cancer-killing immune cellsDepositphotos

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Steve Case 6244482532If you were on the internet in the 1990s, chances are that you paid a company called America Online, better known as AOL, for the privilege. The man who was largely responsible for introducing America to the internet was Steve Case, who cofounded AOL in Vienna, Virginia, and served as its CEO until 2001, when it merged with Time Warner.


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Solar protocol network tega brain alex nathanson benedetta piantella design dezeen 2364 hero 852x479Internet traffic is controlled by the "logic of the sun" in Solar Protocol, a solar-powered network whose creators argue for digital design within planetary limits.

Solar Protocol involves a series of solar-powered servers, set up in locations across the world's time zones and serving its hosted websites from whichever spot is enjoying the most sunlight.


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DTC22 and SBIR ehdr lrg

Seeding America's Future Innovations. Connect directly with over $4 billion in early stage funding. Learn how to compete for funding, while networking with global industry scouts, investors, and key federal leadership representing the nation's largest seed fund.

"SBIR and STTR represent the best of government-industry partnerships—harnessing the creativity and ingenuity of American entrepreneurs to solve our nation's most pressing public health and national security challenges" Sen Ben Cardin


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I 1 90791817 this 52 foot and8216trash wheelFloating at the side of a river that winds through densely populated neighborhoods in Panama City, a 52-foot-long robotic “trash wheel” sucks up plastic from the water and pulls it up a conveyor belt to be recycled. (The design, which runs on hydropower and uses solar power as a backup, is a tweaked version on the aptly-named Mr. Trash Wheel, which first debuted in Baltimore in 2014.) A camera system will soon use artificial intelligence to identify the garbage—from plastic bottles to toys—to gather data that can help design new strategies to eliminate plastic waste before it reaches the environment.

Image: Chemolex

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52330313024 7eb434f8e8 kNASA's ambitious, expensive and intricate moon rocket, Artemis I, has had a rough run. NASA had to scrub the first launch attempt due to a troublesome engine issue. On attempt two, a pesky hydrogen leak kept the rocket grounded until repairs could be made. After testing on Sept. 21 cleared Artemis for a third attempt, NASA scientists circled Sept. 27 for launch. But that, too, was nixed as a tropical storm bore down on the Florida coast.

Image: The Artemis I mission has been delayed twice. NASA

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Cursor and Watch the world s first hydrofoiling ground effect vehicle take offRegent has released video of its remarkable Seaglider prototype in flight testing. The first machine to combine the efficiency advantages of ground effect and hydrofoiling in a single design, it promises revolutionary speed and range in coastal areas.

Wing-in-ground effect (WIG) aircraft such as the Soviet-era Ekranoplan have shown promise in the past, but they're yet to take off, so to speak, as a mainstream form of transport. These low-flying birds ride on a cushion of air between their wings and the surface, which gives them a significant lift and efficiency boost over regular planes flying higher in the air – as long as they stay within their own wingspan of the surface beneath. This extreme altitude restriction means that while ground-effect aircraft could fly over land, it's too dangerous for regular operations, and they typically stay over water.

Image: Regent

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The new rules of early stage venture capital valuation and potential responses Meet the bridge SAFE and extension round Foley Lardner LLP JDSupraIn our current economic environment, you would have to be hiding in a cave not to see, hear and feel valuations sliding downwards across the eco-system.  It started in January 2022 when large-cap, mid-cap and then smaller-cap public companies started to fall in price.  Past a certain point, we began to see private equity and venture capital investors applying these lessons to late stage private companies.  In the time since February, we have seen the slide come all the way through the business food chain until it reached the startup.


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Events Calendar UM BioParkDoubling the University of Maryland BioPark's lab space, the two-phase 4MLK development project will represent more than $320 million in total capital investment

BALTIMORE, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and Wexford Science & Technology, LLC, announced today that 4MLK, the newest development project in the University of Maryland BioPark, is slated to move forward, with groundbreaking this fall (2022) and delivering in summer 2024. The 8-story, 250,000-square-foot building, Phase I of a two-phase project representing a $320 million total capital investment, will provide critical wet laboratory space in downtown Baltimore for researchers and companies, flexible lab and office/support space for start-ups, and Class A office space, along with areas for convening and a conference center.

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