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RA Mashelkar, former head of India's CSIR [see IPBiz post Dr. R.A.Mashelkar of CSIR ] is now working on an innovation team of Ambani's Reliance Industries directed to "extreme innovation." Mr. Ambani notes: "What's needed is extreme innovation. Twenty years from now, people will not talk about garages in Silicon Valley, but projects in Indian villages and rural areas that will be scaled up."

Inmelt of General Electric pushes "reverse innovation"—the flow of knowledge and products from the developing world to the developed world. Inmelt also noted: ''The next generation of BPO jobs should be in the US,'' he said, and asked Indian businesses to see the world "from (US President Barack) Obama's eyes." Emphasising the importance of ensuring that politicians come on board, he said, "If globalisation is put to vote today in the US, it will lose 70:30."

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