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The International Commercialization Forum is an exclusive gathering of global thought leaders and practitioners from academia, business, government and industry all focusing on building robust, sustainable companies that are based on the results of publicly funded research.

Hosted by the Ontario Centres of Excellence`s Centre for Commercialization of Research (CCR), the Forum will take place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 30th and 31st, 2011. Participation is by invitation only.

During the two-day Forum, this select group of experts will engage in interactive sessions to discuss exemplary practices in commercializing research results and evidence-based effective innovation models from around the world. Participants will share the most compelling novel ideas to improve the state of global innovation.

  • Identify exemplary practices for global and regional application
  • Emphasize the importance of innovation to advance prosperity and the vital role played by intermediary organizations
  • Create an International Commercialization Alliance as an ongoing forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

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