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Richard Bendis

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I am pleased to nominate Rich Bendis, President and CEO of Innovation America as a top 5 candidate in the Innovation and Creativity category. Rich is a globally recognized leader, practitioner and speaker on Innovation.  Over the past 25 years he has successfully created, managed and advised some of the top innovation-based economic development organizations in the world.

Rich speaks passionately about creating and transforming Innovation and Creative Economy Based Ecosystems by motivating entrepreneurs and leaders at the city, regional, state and country level to utilize Innovative strategies to grow their business and Ecosystems. His presentation and delivery of innovation content is fresh, current and always thought provoking as a result of his publishing the globally recognized Daily Innovation Newsletter/Blog innovationDAILY (

As publisher, Rich posts 25 new Innovation related articles every day and his publication is read in 185 countries. His demand continues to increase as an “Innovation Evangelist” which has now reached 5 Continents, numerous Countries and their innovation leaders.  His inspirational speaking engagements are all by referrals as he delivers and exceeds his audience’s expectations.

Rich Bendis is truly worthy of this recognition as a Top Innovation speaker.

-- Richard Miller, Vice President, Marketing for National Association of Seed and Venture Funds

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