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Successful entrepreneur Steve Welch has a thorn in his side, and the pain of it is spurring him on to public service.

Welch, founder and former CEO of the Mitos Group, a leader in biotechnology solutions; and co-founder of DreamIt Ventures, a unique venture firm that helps technology start-ups get off the ground, was awarded an Eisenhower Fellowship. He picked up that thorn during his international travels with the program, while he investigated best practices for helping technology start-ups increase their chances of success and determined ways in which entrepreneurial communities within the United States can increase success rates.

“For the last year and a half I have visited a dozen countries, studying what is and is not working with their economies,” says Welch. “I find it upsetting that the rest of the world has figured out what the United States has traditionally done so well: decentralizing their societies and lowering barriers for business. Other countries are moving in that direction, while we are centralizing resources in Washington and getting involved in every aspect of our economy from the automotive industry to insurance.”

That painful realization has resulted in Welch campaigning for Congress.

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Author: Amy Biemiller