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We cover a lot of robots here on Fast Company, sometimes exciting tech, sometimes promising for healthcare, or the future of daily life...and sometimes outright creepy. The latest Japanese android is firmly in this category.

She's a product of the Intelligent Robotics lab at Osaka University and robot builders Kokoro Co. Ltd., and she's dubbed Geminoid F (the "f" is for female.) And all that use of the word "she" is justified, as the bot is quite definitely convincingly female--which technically makes her a gynoid rather than an android. All this super realism is because she's modeled after a real twenty-something Japanese woman--on the right in that image above--via a sophisticated scanning system. Silicone realistic skin, convincing hair, and teeth that seem so real they make Geminoid F have a nearly human smile. Add in subtle movements, driven by a batch of servos, that give the robot the ability to raise an eyebrow, or mimic those tiny tics that our fallible flash-and-blood bodies get up to all the time without us realizing, and you've got a machine that is freakishly real. She truly delves into that uncanny valley between detectably artificial and undetectable human-mimicing. 

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Author: Kit Eaton