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The Eco-innovation Platform (Eco-IP) is a European platform established under the Europe INNOVA initiative, with the aim to accelerate the take-up of eco-innovative solutions in Europe. The initiative focuses on the development and testing of new or better innovation support mechanisms for innovative small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular in technological and industrial fields.

The Eco-IP brings together public and private partners from different countries willing to cooperate in developing new forms of support for innovation, taking into account the specific needs of those companies holding eco-innovative solutions, as well as the potential role of services innovation in support of societal needs. This includes experimentation with new forms of intermediation between companies holding prototype eco-innovative solutions and companies willing to produce greener and available to test the prototypes as first users. The Eco-IP will thus contribute to bridge the demand for and supply of environment-friendly solutions and, in doing so, to the development of innovative eco-industries in Europe. Market failures that still hamper the wider take-up of eco-innovation are expected to be alleviated.

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