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Elon Musk Royal Society crop2 jpgElon Musk is full of hot takes, and I can't say I agree with all of them. But I have to give credit where credit is due--the guy's got some pretty solid thoughts when it comes to meetings.

You may have heard Musk saying that meetings "are what happens when people aren't working," or instructing his employees to walk out of a meeting as soon as they aren't adding value.


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Corporate business team and manager in a meeting 2022 01 19 00 07 14 utcI'll always remember the day 12 years ago when I walked into work.

It was a time when employees were stealing toilet paper from me.

On this particular day, three or four guys were having a cigarette break. My mom was inside -- she was my customer service rep back then -- and she had two phones go off. She tried to put the callers on hold; but, boy, she was ready to pull her hair out. No one was helping her.


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At the beginning of the last ice, local mountain glaciers grew and formed large ice sheets, like the one seen here in Greenland. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)A new study led by University of Arizona researchers may have solved two mysteries that have long puzzled paleo-climate experts: Where did the ice sheets that rang in the last ice age more than 100,000 years ago come from, and how could they grow so quickly?

Image: At the beginning of the last ice, local mountain glaciers grew and formed large ice sheets, like the one seen here in Greenland. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)

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The three main ingredients in the new battery, from left: aluminum, sulfur and saltRebecca MillerEngineers at MIT have developed a new battery design using common materials – aluminum, sulfur and salt. Not only is the battery low-cost, but it’s resistant to fire and failures, and can be charged very fast, which could make it useful for powering a home or charging electric vehicles.

Lithium-ion batteries have dominated the field for the last few decades, thanks to their reliability and high energy density. However, lithium is becoming scarcer and more expensive, and the cells can be hazardous, exploding or bursting into flames if damaged or improperly used. Cheaper, safer alternatives are needed, especially as the world transitions towards renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Image: The three main ingredients in the new battery, from left: aluminum, sulfur and salt - Rebecca Miller

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 Maigue says the system could be applied to entire buildings such as the Montreal Convention Centre. (CREDIT: James Dyson Foundation) Solar panels are a cornerstone of the clean energy revolution. And yet, they have one great flaw: when the clouds roll in their productivity dives.

Now, a new type of solar panel has been developed by an electrical engineering student at Mapua University that harvests the unseen ultraviolet light from the sun that makes it through even dense cloud coverage.

Image: Maigue says the system could be applied to entire buildings such as the Montreal Convention Centre. (CREDIT: James Dyson Foundation)

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AURP Air Space Caucus Launch PR 082422 pdfTucson, AZ and College Park, MD, August 24, 2022 – AURP today announces the formation of the AURP Air and Space Caucus, expanding its organization scope to include communities of innovation in air and space technologies.

AURP, the leading North American innovation association, already represents research institutions and innovation districts, including those focused on air and space technologies, such as Embry Riddle University Research Park, FL; National Aviation and Technology Park of New Jersey, NJ; Aero Park Innovation District, MD; plus research parks with significant air and space components including: Purdue Research Park, IN; Oklahoma City Innovation District, OK; Wichita State University Research Park, KS; University of Maryland (UMD) Discovery District, MD, Cummings Research Park, AL.

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Worried businessman 2021 08 31 15 58 19 utcVenture capital and private equity investors are becoming concerned over the exit environment, and the majority believe the asset class is overvalued, a new survey from Preqin shows.

A total of 80% of surveyed investors believe that venture capital is overvalued, with either considerable room or some room for price reduction, according to Preqin's Investor Outlook: Alternative Assets H2 2022 report released Tuesday.


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Boy by brightly coloured fabric squares laid out o 2022 03 04 02 45 12 utcOur current color theory has been wrong for 100 years, and getting it right could have huge implications for electronics, textiles, paints, and even the planet, as a new model could save millions of dollars and kilowatts of energy on storage and internet bandwidth alone.

For the last century, scientists believed that the most accurate way to represent how our brain distinguishes colors was a 3D model developed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger (yes, the cat-in-the-box guy), following an idea by Bernhard Riemann, a 19th-century mathematician who created a new type of geometry that carries his name.


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Cursor and The World s Population Where Will The Next 1 000 Babies Come FromEvery four minutes, approximately 1,000 babies are born across the globe. But in which countries are these babies the most statistically likely to come from?

Using data from the CIA World Factbook, this graphic by Pratap Vardhan (Stats of India) paints a picture of the world’s demographics, showing which countries are most likely to welcome the next 1,000 babies based on population and birth rates as of 2022 estimates.


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Business growth graph 2021 10 17 13 41 48 utcIt didn’t take long for a trend to emerge: Last quarter, we reported that the venture slowdown was impacting fundraising for startups of every size and sector. And we also noted that round sizes from the Series A to C stages in the United States were in decline.

Our conclusions were based on early data from Carta on Q1 2022 activity through its ownership management platform. As such, it was a good proxy for overall investing into startups in the first three months of the year — and the tendency was confirmed when the platform released a fuller roundup that we analyzed a couple of weeks later.


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FitThe fast-growing life sciences market is attracting new players from all corners of the commercial real estate sector, but a biologics CRE veteran warns that they need to understand the nuances and history of the industry before they dive in.

Revenues and investments in the life sciences sector have nearly doubled since 2020 even as many other industries struggled during the pandemic. JLL has forecast that biologics industry sales will continue to grow by more than 10% annually through 2026, driven by the development of vaccines and personalized medicine.

Image: Unsplash/Julia Koblitz

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Charles Darwin portraitCharles Darwin is primarily famous for two things: his majestic Victorian beard, and his incredibly influential work on the theory of evolution. Darwin, per Britannica, embarked on his legendary journey on the HMS Beagle in the 1830s. On the trip, he would do and see much that would shape his view of the world, and his groundbreaking "On The Origin Of Species" was released in 1859 as a result.

Image: Charles Darwin - Image Public Domain

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