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An artist's conception of the distant exoplanet WASP-39 b. Credit: NASA / ESA / CSA / J. Olmsted (STScI)The powerful Webb telescope doesn't need to take pretty pictures to revolutionize our grasp of the cosmos.

Astronomers focused the space observatory — which successfully reached its outpost one million miles from Earth this year — on the Saturn-like exoplanet (meaning planet beyond our solar system) WASP-39 b. It's a hot, gas giant closely orbiting a star 700 light-years away. Previously, scientists used specialized instruments aboard Webb to detect the gas carbon dioxide on this extreme world.

Image: An artist's conception of the distant exoplanet WASP-39 b. Credit: NASA / ESA / CSA / J. Olmsted (STScI)

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Zrzut ekranu 2022 11 24 o 10 57 18 media library original 855 583The Metaverse has the potential to generate an additional $800 billion to $1.4 trillion to Asia’s gross domestic product (GDP) per year by 2035, growing into a market worth up to $13 trillion annually by 2030, according to a recent report by international consultancy Deloitte.

The report, entitled The Metaverse in Asia: Strategies for Accelerating Economic Impact, provides an in-depth evaluation of the economic opportunities the Metaverse presents for 12 of the region’s countries and territories: mainland China and Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Image: Source: Deloitte

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Hyperion hyperfuel mobile station 100866072 hWith little hydrogen infrastructure available, Hyperion Motors plans to deploy mobile hydrogen stations to support its XP-1 fuel-cell supercar.

The Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations, which can also be equipped with DC fast-chargers for battery-electric vehicles, will be quicker to deploy than conventional infrastructure, and can be repositioned as needed to meet real-time demand, Hyperion said in a press release.

Image: Hyperion hyperfuel mobile - Courtesy

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Bubbles - Image from UnsplashThe fifth generation of wireless network technology is expected to resolve telehealth's challenges by addressing its most limiting factor so far, that is, the network bandwidth, especially in rural areas. This is the most established use case of 5G in healthcare so far.

"As 5G rolls out, we will see more and more use cases. 5G is a huge opportunity to up the scope of reach. Data is our essence. We should tap into this data effectively. Policy framework also has to be looked at to see how effectively it can be used," said Vidur Mahajan, chief executive officer,, while speaking at the IET Future Tech Congress (FTC).

Image: Unsplash

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Hero image calendar 439966For your team to succeed, you must ensure that they are satisfied and equipped with the right tools. At the same time in many cases, that seems more difficult than it actually is.

In order to help your team excel at work, you can invest in productivity tools. Using these technologies improves time management among workers by reducing repetitive grunt work, simplifying collaboration and communications, and streamlining everyday processes.


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Creative team 2022 02 02 05 06 33 utcWith the after-effects of the pandemic still creating upheaval in the workforce and a recession looming on the horizon, business leaders may be anxious about finding ways to tighten their metaphorical belts while still delivering high-quality products or services to customers. While no one would choose these challenges, lean times can offer a hidden opportunity to think differently—not only about a company’s spending, but also about optimizing the people, processes, and ways of thinking that generate the greatest positive impacts.


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Stressed young businesswoman at office desk with 2022 03 07 23 56 38 utcLyndon B. Johnson was known for his histrionics — his customary reaction to minor pain or illness was "frantic" and "hysterical," wrote Robert Caro for the New Yorker in 2012. But when under pressure — real pressure, as he was the day he became president after John F. Kennedy was assassinated — Johnson assumed a near preternatural calm.

As Caro writes, "Johnson's aides and allies knew that, for all his rages and his bellowing, his gloating and his groaning, his endless monologues, his demeanor was very different in moments of crisis, in moments when there were decisions — tough decisions, crucial decisions — to be made; that in those moments he became, as his secretary Mary Rather recalled, 'quiet and still.'"


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Welcome 2022 2021 10 20 03 30 01 utcThe world faced numerous crises in 2022, and overcoming the biggest of them is going to be an immense, long-term challenge. The UN Foundation listed a few of the most pressing, covering topics from poverty to pollution, environment to equality. The greatest concerns are protecting the environment and addressing global poverty, both of which impact billions of people. But humanity is nothing if not ingenious. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention, and humans have been inventing things to solve problems for as long as humans have existed on Earth. Britannica highlights several inventions in the past, dating back millennia, which have revolutionized our way of life and quite literally changed the world.


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Circuit board and ai micro processor artificial i 2022 10 26 06 28 34 utcIn a rare piece of good news from Meta, artificial intelligence researchers at the company have just announced a scientific breakthrough. Their AI program named Cicero can now play the board game Diplomacy at a human level.

Now, before you get too excited, Cicero isn’t playing at superhuman level. It was beaten by around 10% of the humans it played against. By comparison, in previous AI milestones, like AI beating humans in chess or Go, humans have long been completely surpassed.


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Mb07 jd 19sep kuuttila scaled e1669420303150 266x300New Mexico is in an exciting position when it comes to new business innovation, and there’s an opportunity and a need for everyone in the state to be involved.

Innovation enables new ideas to be transformed into practical products, and it’s spawned by an environment that values those ideas, connects people with relevant skills, and enables products to be tested, refined, and sold.


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Tom StillIt was a bit like peering inside a time capsule. On the display tables in front of me stood examples of innovation that have defined Wisconsin industry and technology over time. They also spoke quietly to its future.

There was a century-old control panel from a building-wide temperature regulation system manufactured by the “Johnson Service Co.” of Milwaukee, now Johnson Controls Inc., one of Wisconsin’s most iconic companies.


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