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You may already be an expert at snapping photos at meetings, conferences or other events with your smartphone and posting them to Instagram. With the Instagram app installed on your phone, there’s nothing to it really. But are you equally brilliant when trying to post older photos from your PC, logos from made on Photoshop or some other tool or product shots from your online store? Not so much.


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BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is launching a new economic development strategy focusing on further developing the life sciences and cybersecurity industries.

Hogan announced the plan called Excel Maryland at the first Governor's Business Summit on Thursday in Baltimore.

A steering committee will include state officials in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and the University System of Maryland. Excel Maryland will focus on developing collaborative strategies.


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The human mind has an incredible capacity to learn, recognize patterns, and connect pieces of information together to find new ways to approach old problems.

Unfortunately, our problem-solving abilities are limited by individual knowledge and experience. When problems are large and complex, we might not have the right data available to have any hope of finding a solution if we go it alone. And when we get stuck, collaboration can be a powerful way to find the best solution.

Image: by NASA via  

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People often ask me, “Why did you move from San Francisco to, uh, Detroit?” The answer is easy. In 10 years, San Francisco will be as good as it is today, but Detroit will be a roaring city once again, defining a new technology hub at the intersection of steel and bits.

When choosing to move to Detroit, a city that has been in a recent state of rebuild, many do so to roll up their sleeves, get to work, and make a difference. These attributes are what’s needed in an entrepreneur, which makes the city’s vibe appealing to early stage startups.


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Entrepreneurship is a commitment—not only to your venture or business, but also to a unique learning process. Where others seek guidance through big universities and established companies, I know many entrepreneurs like myself who have a desire to go their own way and learning becomes a self-guided experience. As a result, I’ve gained a whole new dimension to my learning experience, having combined it with what I have chosen to read and what I have learned in the field. 


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Continued freak warmth in the Arctic helped propel global average temperatures to the second-warmest level on record for the month of April, NASA reported on Monday. 

The new findings illustrate how the planet is still setting climate milestones even in the absence of other factors that tend to elevate global air and sea temperatures, such as an El Niño event. 


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CHICAGO, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- VentureApp, a professional chat platform, today announced VentureMap Chicago, an interactive network visualization of the city's tech ecosystem, in partnership with TechNexus, a Chicago-based venture collaborative and incubator. The map displays hundreds of investments into tech startups by angel investors, venture capitalists, incubators, accelerators, and more. VentureApp mapped Chicago startup and investor relationships to give professionals the ability to discover trends in their community and pathways to connect with investors in their extended network. VentureApp users can also use the map to connect directly with other users via the chat interface.


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Innovative activity is what mainly separates the winners from the losers as industries evolve. The book Innovation and the Evolution of Industries puts forward a new way of looking at this central mechanism of economic growth: a systematic but ‘history-friendly’ view that takes into account the differences in industry context, as exemplified in the computer, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

In this interview with [email protected], Wharton emeritus management professor and co-author Sidney Winter discusses the book and the years-long collaboration it took with his colleagues. Winter is a Core Team member of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management.


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With so many paths to success, the research field of entrepreneurship began to emerge and studying the various interdisciplinary fields that integrate into the overall success became an important tool to understanding the why. Prior to Techstars, I worked in research at the Kauffman Foundation. We marveled at the newness of the general academic study of entrepreneurship.


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Yresumeou’re ready to make a career move, up to a higher level or into a different industry or an entirely new field. But your current title doesn’t match the titles on the job postings that most excite you. How do you avoid your applications getting tossed by HR or automated filters? How do you use your résumé to tell stories that match those new positions’ requirements?


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