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K 041 01Tapping geothermal energy supplies by drilling down 12.4 miles into the Earth will 'more than' meet humanity's energy needs, a US firm claims.

Matt Houde is co-founder at Quaise Energy, a Massachusetts startup that will use a special drilling platform to vaporize rock to tap geothermal energy.

This heat beneath our feet could provide more than enough clean, renewable energy to meet global demand and help in the transition away from fossil fuels, he said.


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Mujeeb Ijaz Photo: ONEElectric vehicles have reached a tipping point in the U.S. But even as EVs see sales increases, the vehicles’ batteries may still have to change significantly before they can fully replace fossil-fueled cars and trucks. That’s the argument made by Mujeeb Ijaz, an entrepreneur who previously worked on Apple’s secretive electric car project.

Image: Mujeeb Ijaz - Photo: ONE

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95ac29 75ba5b261d1a46b99865c332b4a912e7 mv2When it comes to space, there's a problem with our human drive to go all the places and see all the things. A big problem. It's, well, space. It's way too big. Even travelling at the maximum speed the Universe allows, it would take us years to reach our nearest neighbouring star.

Image: David Burns produced an engine concept that, he says, could theoretically accelerate to 99 percent of the speed of light - all without using propellant.. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)

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Gatorade designThe world, and the way we do business, is changing at a rapid pace. Globalization, digital media, and technology have shifted the traditional barriers to entry of production, distribution and communication, and they’re not as solid as they used to be. Large-scale distribution and massive media investments are no longer a requirement for success. Companies of all sizes can make direct contact with people via e-commerce and social media, ultimately enabling them to create deeper connections with their end users. People have more choices and can easily look for products that holistically meet their needs and desires.


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Harsh Mariwala’s advice to start-up founders: Show the path to profitabilityAt a time when the start-up arena is facing a lot of headwinds in terms of funding and is in the limelight mostly for the wrong reasons, including massive layoffs, Harsh Mariwala, the founder of Marico, has an important piece of advice for the entrepreneurs.

The industry veteran believes that founders have to build a long-term sustainable model with a focus on profitability as well.

Image: Harsh Mariwala’s advice to start-up founders: Show the path to profitability -

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Computer keyboard with red key with open lock icon 2022 11 14 04 19 49 utcMany years ago, oil from Chinese water snakes was successfully used to treat joint pain until peddlers made “snake oil” synonymous with fraud. Times have changed, but the medical industry continues to walk a fine line between optical illusions and real solutions.

Now, as venture capital funding within health tech has fallen 41.2% compared to the same time last year, it’s even more important for emerging technologies to present more than promises.


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Elon Musk. (2022, November 23). In Wikipedia. Musk is one of the world's smartest and most powerful people. The entrepreneur behind SpaceX, Tesla, and now Twitter has a restless pursuit of knowledge and a talent for applying his learning across a range of disciplines.

When it comes to problem-solving complex problems, Musk has an approach unlike most of us. He draws on the concept of "first principles."

First principles thinking First-principles thinking is an effective way to reverse-engineer complicated problems and ignite creative possibilities. The big idea is to break down problems into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up. Musk explains in Wait But Why:

Image: Elon Musk. (2022, November 23). In Wikipedia.

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Pleased young man enjoying online business meeting 2021 09 03 10 12 05 utcStarting a business is a big challenge, and not everyone succeeds on their first try; nor are they consistent in achieving their goals. To get your idea off the ground and turn it into a successful business, you have to be prepared.

Therefore, I want to share with you three keys that, from my experience, have been fundamental to achieving professional success in the digital marketing sector.


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Brain coloed sections 2021 08 26 18 50 01 utcIt may not feel like it when you can’t find your phone or “lose” your sunglasses sitting atop your head, but your memory is an amazing ability — and one we want to protect. So it’s little wonder that any blips or blank spaces can send us spiraling into concern.

Some recall issues here and there are normal, says neuroscientist and author Lisa Genova, and not every lapse means looming problems. (And don’t worry, forgetting names is a surprisingly tough thing for our brains to do!) But, Genova says, there’s ways we can improve our memory, increase resilience and recall and be more comfortable with ourselves and our minds.


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Micro organisms cells magnification 2021 08 28 23 39 08 utc  2Scientists in Israel have created the first nano-robot antibodies designed to fight cancer. The first human trial for the new nano-robots will start soon, and it will determine just how effective the antibodies are. What is special about these particular antibodies, too, is that they are programmed to decide whether cells surrounding tumors are “bad” or “good.”

The trial is currently underway in Australia and if it goes according to plan, the nano-robot antibodies will be able to fight cells around tumors that can help the tumor while also boosting the capability of the cells inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells. The antibodies were invented by Professor Yanay Ofran and are based on human and animal antibodies.


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Drone view of city roadway 2022 03 04 05 57 48 utcKansas City-based Integrated Roadways landed a spot on Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech 2022” ranking, which highlights the breakthroughs shaping the future of multiple industries.

The local smart pavement company was featured in the “small and mighty category.” Founded in 2012, Integrated Roadways developed a smart pavement system embedded with sensors and technology that can track real-time traffic and vehicle data, which can be used to help cities, businesses and real estate developers make smarter, data-driven decisions.


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Two professional engineers creating a new building 2022 03 09 03 14 47 utcA recent study found that only about 39% of small businesses end up profitable. But why?

Many companies fail to make a profit because of a flawed business strategy. Sometimes, a strategy may be so complex that the team simply can't execute it. In others, the problem may be clear, refined goals but no overarching strategy or plan for reaching those targets.

Another business strategy failure might lie in looking only at the short term rather than panning out to see and prepare for what's likely to happen down the road.


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960x0Voormi is an American-made outdoor brand, making garments primarily out of wool. Started by ex-Microsoft employee Dan English, it’s an experiment in materials innovation with natural fibers.

Timm Smith, chief technology officer at Colorado-based Voormi says, “We like to look at everything from a tech perspective. In some ways, we’re like a Tesla, breaking new ground, but in apparel and performance fabrics.”

Image: Voormi specializes in wool-based apparel for an outdoor lifestyle.DUSTIN ENGLISH

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The LEGO Story How a Little Toy Sparked the World s Imagination Andersen Jens 9780063258020 AmazonSmile Books“Absolutely essential reading for every LEGO fan.” —Blocks

The definitive history of LEGO, based on unprecedented access to the company’s archives and rare interviews with the founding family that still owns the company

"This book tells the story of how my family built the LEGO brand." —Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, former President/CEO of the LEGO Group and 3rd generation owner

It’s estimated that each year between eighty and ninety million children around the globe are given a box of LEGO, while up to ten million adults buy sets for themselves. Yet LEGO is much more than a dizzying number of plastic bricks that can be put together and combined in countless ways. LEGO is also a vision of the significance of what play can mean for humanity.

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Currency exchange data graph and charts data 2022 11 14 07 04 45 utcAmong all the buzzwords startups use when pitching investors and in their marketing, “data-driven” is nearly at the top of the pile. But what does being data-driven really mean?

Investments are slowing down and VCs are tightening their purse strings. Previously trending tech startups in fields like BNPL, crypto and the delivery market are struggling to show the growth and returns they promised in their initial funding rounds.


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Inbound marketing 51 2022 10 26 05 24 28 utcInbound marketing is one of the most common practices for generating awareness and new business. It is the methodology that suggests you should be attracting customers through valuable content and experiences instead of disrupting them with advertising, sales and the like.

According to Hubspot, 56% of marketers who leverage blogging say it's effective, and 10% say it generates the most significant return on investment.


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Atlanta georgia usa skyline 2021 08 26 18 12 59 utcFormer AOL CEO and current venture capitalist Steve Case knows a thing or two about innovation. And he also knows where it’s coming from.

If you were to judge innovation solely by the amount of venture capital funding being distributed today, you’d think the answers were clear: Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston. Those three areas have received lion’s share of investment dollars.


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SpaceX to launch science to International Space Station on Nov 22 SpaceSpaceX is launching a spaceship filled with science to a space station today and you can watch the whole thing live.

A Dragon cargo spacecraft carrying SpaceX's 26th commercial resupply mission will launch for the International Space Station (ISS) Tuesday (Nov. 22) at 3:54 p.m. EST (2054 GMT). Coverage will begin roughly 25 minutes beforehand here at, courtesy of NASA Television.


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Inscription mistake 2022 11 11 21 08 05 utcThe past few years have been a roller-coaster ride for all businesses across industries, including start-ups. Several firms had to shut down owing to a lack of financing. However, things are getting back on track with the new normal, and at the same time, government and private entities' efforts have strengthened Indian firms and provided them with numerous possibilities to develop and innovate. According to the government of India, India has become the world's third-largest start-up ecosystem and is likely to grow dramatically in the following years.


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