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Food delivery rider with bicycle delivering food 2021 09 01 18 21 46 utcBig tech is facing a moment of reckoning.

Sky high valuations that seemed limitless have normalised and the premium that public tech stocks once held over the rest of the market have been largely erased. We’ve seen a spooked market fuel talk of a tech stock unwinding, but the reality is that many of the companies most impacted were likely overvalued. The recent corrections will shake out the companies that have relied on hype and FOMO (also known as fear of missing out) rather than strong fundamentals and robust business models.


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Street vendor packing a durian in a biodegradable 2021 10 23 22 28 17 utcResearchers have found a way to upcycle plastic waste into more valuable products, which they say could help tackle the growing accumulation of non-degradable waste polluting our cities and threatening life in our oceans.

Guoliang Liu at Virginia Tech and his colleagues have developed a method to break down polystyrene and convert it into a chemical that is far more valuable. The process is energy efficient and adaptable to other plastics, the researchers say.


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Bio Bill Gates - Gates’ nuclear innovation company, TerraPower, announced Monday it has secured at least $750 million in new funding.

The funding was co-led by Gates and SK. Gates is the founder and chairman of TerraPower. SK, one of South Korea’s largest energy providers, invested $250 million.

The money will be used to develop nuclear energy technology and innovations in nuclear medicine, according to a statement from TerraPower.

“Whether it’s addressing climate change with carbon-free advanced nuclear energy, or fighting cancer with nuclear isotopes, our team is deploying technology solutions and investors across the world are taking note,” Chris Levesque, the CEO of TerraPower, said in a statement.


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Young confident teacher of economics pointing at g 2021 12 23 00 11 45 utcIn How to Turn Inflation and Recession into Your Largest Business Opportunity, a free webinar brought to you by Oracle NetSuite and Entrepreneur, we're bringing a panel of experts to help you navigate these two uncontrollable external factors, by giving you advice that is within your control.

Join entrepreneur and communication strategist Jill Schiefelbein as she moderates a conversation sure to leave all attendees with ideas and insights to strengthen your business plan. She will be joined by Matt Vigh, Owner and CEO of Prospect Boomerang and Jaime Jay, Founder and Managing Director of Bottleneck Distant Assistants, who bring unique perspectives on how to manage environments of financial uncertainty.


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Geobacter nanowires 1660575446 - CREDIT: XINYING LIUImagine this: It’s a hot summer day and while you would like to stay cool inside, Fido’s begging for a walk. Out and about, you’re listening to your favorite true crime podcast when disaster strikes—the trill of a perilously low battery. With no portable charger on you, you almost panic, but then remember your handy stash of microbial batteries, tiny paper-thin squares containing electricity-producing bacteria.


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Credit: Leiem / Wikimedia CommonsUC Berkeley researchers have developed a cheap, energy-efficient carbon capture technology that could one day be attached to everything from factory smokestacks to car exhausts — keeping greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere.

Carbon capture: While reducing sources of greenhouse emissions is key to fighting climate change, it’s going to take a while to transition completely away from electricity generated by fossil fuels — and cars powered by gas and diesel.

Image: Credit: Leiem / Wikimedia Commons

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The pilot condenser atop an ETH Zurich building. (CREDIT: ETH Zurich/Iwan Hächler)Fresh water is scarce in many parts of the world and must be obtained at great expense. Communities near the ocean can desalinate sea water for this purpose, but doing so requires a large amount of energy. Further away from the coast, practically often the only remaining option is to condense atmospheric humidity through cooling, either through processes that similarly require high energy input or by using "passive" technologies that exploit the temperature swing between day and night.

Image: The pilot condenser atop an ETH Zurich building. (CREDIT: ETH Zurich/Iwan Hächler)

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Young people in the office 2022 04 06 19 47 25 utcYou've most likely heard sayings like the Jim Rohn quote, "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Those in our inner circle play an important role and can influence our well-being and growth.

Attracting the right people requires you to be whom you want to attract. When entrepreneurs tell me they are not finding their people, my first question is, "Are you the person that your desired circle would be attracted to?"


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Neon ai on a keyboard 2021 09 02 06 04 58 utcAbu Dhabi: The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH) and Malaffi, the health information exchange system, are using AI (artificial intelligence) to predict patients’ future risk of disease.

Embedded in the Malaffi provider portal, the Patient Risk Profile will further support a more informed and efficient clinical decision-making for better quality healthcare and patient outcomes.


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Ca2325b0 1a6a 11ed bef9 c469cc17eb74The longstanding green car partnership between BMW and Toyota is relatively close to bearing more fruit. As Autoblog explains, BMW sales chief Pieter Nota told Nikkei in an interview that the brands aim to sell jointly-developed hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as soon as 2025. Nota didn't hint at what to expect, but stressed that fuel cells are "particularly relevant" for large SUVs like the iX5 Hydrogen concept (above). Small-volume production of the iX5 is expected to start by the end of this year.

Image: BMW

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Three sequential photos of a 'gigantic jet' lightning bolt blasting out of the top of a cloud over Oklahoma, and shooting directly into space. (Image credit: Chris Holmes)The sky turns dark, a heavy rain falls and a bolt of lightning crackles through the air. But instead of striking down toward the ground, or zipping sideways between clouds, this lightning bolt does something unexpected: It blasts straight upward from the top of the cloud, shooting 50 miles (80 kilometers) into the sky, grazing the lower edge of space.

Bolts like these are called gigantic jets. They are the rarest and most powerful sort of lightning, occurring as few as 1,000 times a year and emitting more than 50 times as much energy as a typical lightning bolt — and now, scientists have just detected the single most powerful gigantic jet yet.

Image: Three sequential photos of a 'gigantic jet' lightning bolt blasting out of the top of a cloud over Oklahoma, and shooting directly into space. (Image credit: Chris Holmes)

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Cursor and Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Confirmed California Team Achieved IgnitionAmajor breakthrough in nuclear fusion has been confirmed a year after it was achieved at a laboratory in California.

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's (LLNL's) National Ignition Facility (NIF) recorded the first case of ignition on August 8, 2021, the results of which have now been published in three peer-reviewed papers.

Image: - From Video

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