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Huffington PostEvery day we hear about incredible improvements in the financial status of women. More and more women are the primary breadwinner in their household (almost 40%). Women-owned businesses are growing at twice the rate of all U.S. companies. A new survey by GfK Roper for NBC Universal stated that 65% of the women reported being their family's chief financial planner, and 71% called themselves the family accountant. The numbers look good. In fact, better than good. Women today control more wealth than ever in history. But there is still an important area lacking - women's access to big business funding. Venture Capital.

Amanda Steinberg, Founder of DailyWorth, a free daily personal finance email for women, has been trying to raise capital for her venture. What's missing? ... Women. "I'm raising seed capital for DailyWorth ... I'm fortunate to have a few worthy men stepping forward to explore angel investments. WHERE ARE THE WOMEN??!!" she recently ranted on her company's Facebook page.


Women & Venture Capital -- Is It a Rite of Passage Into Our Power?