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ForbesInfosys cofounder Nadathur Raghavan's sons take over his VC firm.

On October 21, 2009, N. R. Narayana Murthy sold Rs. 174 core worth of Infosys shares to capitalize Catamaran, his venture capital fund. If Murthy ever needs advice for this new venture, he won't have to look too far. He just has to call the man who could have been the second CEO of Infosys but turned down the job in 1999 and quit the company in 2000. Nadathur Raghavan doesn't even live too far away. He is right there in Bangalore.

In India, the terms 'innovation ecosystem' and 'angel investor' are frequently used but rarely seen in practice. Nadathur Raghavan's fund Nadathur Investments is a rare fund in the country that has truly done this. Over the last nine years, it has invested $65 million in technology, lifesciences and healthcare start-ups. Companies such as Impulsesoft, Metahelix, Connexios and Medi Assist owe their existence to Raghavan's love of financing new ideas.

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