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At InnoCentive we strive to provide our Solvers with the best tools and processes in support of their solution efforts. We plan, build and deploy these services based on Solver’s needs and the resources we have at hand. While we make every effort to frame and support a successful Challenge process, we rely on our Solvers for performing the creative part of process. This key step of our value chain is in your, the Solvers hands. We rely on your know-how, skills and commitment to submit solutions which our Seekers value and award. Without your creativity and work no problems would be solved and no business was possible.

Even though InnoCentive does not “own”’ the creative step of the innovation process we have a deep interest in understanding the prerequisites and conditions of successful solving routines. This has many reasons, the most important being our realization that we can effectively support this process only if we understand the factors which are indicative for success. No doubt problem solving routines are different from person to person and depend on the education, work experience etc. Nevertheless, there may be a preferred routine underlying successful solution finding efforts. Earlier this year, we launched a collaboration to study these questions with researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Indiana University – Bloomington.

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