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New EuropeWhen Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Comission presented the Manifesto for Creativity he strongly defended the concept of a “New Platform of Innovation and Creativity” for the future of Europe. That´s a new collaborative order between the different actors, with the strategic challenge of reinforcing the central competitive ences of society and qualifying them as the unique ways of creation of value and modernity. Europe is facing a unique opportunity within this new concept. The message is clear - the new time that all of us want for Europe in the future demands a strong commitment with Innovation and Creativity as the effective enablers of change.

The launching and implementation of this “New Platform for Innovation and Creativity” will require a strong Partnership Contract between all the actors (States, Universities, Companies, Civil Society), in order to build a real Strategy of Confidence in the execution of the different actions that are associated with this Agenda of Change. The focus on Innovation and Creativity as the drivers of creating added value with international dissemination is a unique challenge that may be the answer to a new way of interaction between those who have the responsibility of thinking and those that have the responsibility of producing goods and services. This is the main reason for the opportunity of the Platform.

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