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PeopleBack when it looked like the global financial system was circling the drain, I kept seeing news stories that spoke of the future as though it might not happen. “If we recover from this crisis” was the usual phrase. And my usual response was to shout back, “Of course we’re going to recover, you idiot!” It’s one of life’s few certainties: when times are good, they will get worse. When times are bad, they will get better sooner or later. Of course it never feels that way, but then, feelings are not facts.

We’re all a bit more confident that “when we recover” can now take the place of “if we recover.” But the leaders of the next wave of growth will not be companies that stand on the sidelines, waiting for certainty. They will be companies that make rational bets on the direction of government policy, business restructuring and social trends. On January 27, Alan/Anthony will present an event for those companies, focusing on what they should be doing today to position themselves for the recovery tomorrow.

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