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China BusinessThe term "The Silicon Valley of China" is thrown around a lot these days. Starting in the northwest of Beijing, just outside the fourth ring road, Zhongguancun makes claim to the name "China's Silicon Valley," having been the home base of search-engine Baidu, computer maker Lenovo and IT company Sina since each company's founding. This is, of course, not to be mistaken for "Silicon Valley in Paradise," the Hangzhou government's description of their hometown, where business-to-business online marketplace Alibaba and a host of other startups were born.

Many of the features that make the real Silicon Valley what it is today are, however, noticeably far removed from China's contenders. Nasdaq, the primary listings vehicle for Chinese tech companies, has its main China office in Shanghai, as does the Silicon Valley Bank, a major source of capital and know-how for technology companies.

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