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BioNJBioNJ, a dynamic industry association dedicated to securing, coordinating and providing resources and services to member biotechnology companies critical to building successful biotechnology enterprises in NJ, has found a unique way to support workforce development in its' member biotechnology companies. BioNJ has partnered with the state of NJ and its 19 community colleges to provide technical workforce training to all of NJ biotechnology companies. This training program permits small biotechnology start-ups to join together and with larger member companies in customized training programs delivered by the state's community colleges. Training is delivered on-site at the company or at any of the 65 community college campus locations across the state. The training classes are free to all NJ Biotechnology companies and include such topics as Team Building, Project Management, Six Sigma, GMP, Biotechnology Ethics, Presentation Skills, etc. The training courses are developed annually based upon a survey of BioNJ member companies. Tuition funding is provided by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

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