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McLean, VA (PRWEB) September 21, 2009 -- Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director of Amplifier Venture Partners, today released "The Decline of the United States Venture Capital Industry: What the Federal Government Should Do About It." The White Paper discusses the current problems and challenges to the private venture capital model and offers specific policy recommendations to the Federal Government to address these challenges.

In the White Paper, Mr. Aberman argues that addressing the shrinkage of the private venture capital industry and the loss of countless experienced company builders is a matter of urgent national economic policy. The venture capital industry is becoming configured to make larger investments in less innovative companies, as it is driven towards making less risky investments to satisfy the current investment preferences of its institutional investors. As the venture capital industry is moving away from more speculative investments, particularly early stage investments and investments in emerging technologies, the United States economy is losing a primary driver of technology commercialization.

Early Stage Venture Capitalist Calls for Federal Government Response to Venture Crisis