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The feature stories in JumpStart Connect are all about progress, and usually, we focus on the progress of our client companies. But in this edition, we'd like to share some progress of our own.

In our non-profit world, we experience a major change every three years as our Board composition changes due to term limits. One of the biggest changes for us this year will be the change of our Board Chair. Three years ago, JumpStart welcomed Chris Schmid as Board Chairperson. Chris has been an ambassador for JumpStart's mission and significant partner, providing strategic advice and counsel. As he steps down and welcomes in his successor, JumpStart would like to express our gratitude for the leadership, vision, and passion Chris brought to the position. Thankfully, Chris will remain on as a member of the Board and we are certain he will continue to advocate for JumpStart and all of Northeast Ohio's entrepreneurs.


JumpStart: Here's to Three More Years of Progress