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An aerial view of the islands of the great barrier 2022 03 04 02 08 58 utcThe headlines were dire: “Half of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals have been killed by climate change,” CBS News reported in October 2020.

TOP STORIES The Left’s Opt-In Totalitarianism KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON NRPLUS Biden’s Historians Hurt America, Dishonor Their Profession JACK BUTLER NRPLUS Catholicism Is a Religion, Not a Vibe STEVE LARKIN NRPLUS Bleaching of the reef’s corals is “getting more widespread,” the New York Times reported earlier that year. A Vice headline in 2017 promoting David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II documentary said, “the Great Barrier Reef will die this century,” while National Geographic predicted an earlier demise for reefs around the globe: “Coral reefs could be gone in 30 years.”