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“…Out of such dreary statistics comes a new class of self-starter, the accidental entrepreneur–someone who never considered owning a business until there was no other option. These entrepreneurs are making tough choices for themselves and their families, living in reduced circumstances, doing without the corporate comforts and resources they once took for granted, sometimes succeeding, very often failing, invariably struggling. But at least they’re not waiting for the phone to ring.”
--Fortune Magazine

I wonder if it’s bad advice and a bad judgment to recommend to someone to start their own business. There are a couple of scenarios.

Scenario one, you are long-term unemployed and you make the judgment to start your own business. Scenario two, you leave your current job due to your “Entrepreneurial Spirit” which can’t be satisfied at your current company and start your own business. What could the future hold?

Entrepreneurial Recalibration: How to find happiness in Corporate America