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LOS ANGELES--(Business Wire)-- Beginning with the lack of pre-startup customer response research, and extending to a poor use of their seed capital, two Southern California entrepreneurs have pinpointed three key reasons many new business ventures fail. As reported in their new book, "Successful Startups" (, veteran venture founders Bill Benjamin and Jason McDowall point to their own experiences with nine different ventures in setting tighter priorities for new, and more successful startups.

Reviewer DuWayne Peterson, Chairman Emeritus, Pasadena Angels, termed the new guide a must read for both the entrepreneur and the early-stage investor. He commented: "Benjamin and McDowall have written the perfect book for the current investment climate for startups. It provides a straight forward set of steps to build a solid foundation of success for the entrepreneur and the startup venture." Pinpoints Major Reasons for New Venture Failure Rate of 65%