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I had the great opportunity to take in the first Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) Summit, in Moncton.

I thank the City of Moncton for making the investment and taking such a proactive lead to bring a high calibre conference focusing on broadband and the Internet to increase regional, economic and social development to the city.

Communities that invest in broadband are investing in their companies and their citizen's work-life balance. What was so inspiring about this conference was it was not about technology but about how the Internet supports personal and business connections in ways that we never imagined. It was about the people and how easy we make it for them.
As Richard Bendis, CEO of Innovation America, puts it: change is inevitable with the fast paced power of the web. If you're hesitating as an owner or senior manager, you are creating liability for your firm's longevity. Listening and collaborating with your target market users can significantly increase your unique value proposition -- which is how your relevant use of the web can help your long-term success.

Intelligent Communities Forum shows power of the Internet