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The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) began a new chapter of its more than twenty year story last week as it opened the doors of its new 26,000 square foot accelerator space, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and tech companies grow. The recent Government of Canada announcement stating the BCTIA will receive $10.4 Million in Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP) funding, combined with matching funds from industry partners, has allowed the BCTIA to build Vancouver's first open innovation space.


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When is Santa coming? It's a question that pops up a lot this time of year. But Santa fans can rest assured they'll get a quick, detailed answer to that query this holiday season, thanks to the folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

For more than 50 years, NORAD has been tracking Santa's journey from chimney to chimney from the agency's headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The organization — which usually keeps an eye out for threats from ballistic missiles — uses its advanced radar system, as well as satellite imagery, to follow Mr. Claus' flight path from the North Pole.


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Brought on by the defects and rising tuition prices of colleges and universities, serial entrepreneurs Rick Fiery and Tom Bergeron have discovered a new market. The duo has recently founded InventiveLabs, part incubator and part alternative to the traditional college experience. InventiveLabs is bringing in smart candidates who will work in collaboration or on their own to start a company, prepare for a job, or just realize their passion and return to academia.

Image: Rick Fiery InventiveLabs is bringing in smart candidates who will work in collaboration or on their own to start a company, prepare for a job, or just realize their passion and return to academia.

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China’s tech industry is far better-known, far more creative, and far more successful than it was ten years ago. But China is still often criticized as lacking innovation. Alibaba founder Jack Ma addressed China’s innovation gap head on in a speech on Monday and a convention in Shanghai, and put the blame on China’s education system, or at least one part of it.


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What questions should I make sure to ask when viewing an office for my startup?

Answer below by Quora user Kevin Cronin, corporate real estate advisor.

Finding the right office space can be both one of the most exciting and disruptive challenges for a business. Over the years, we’ve developed a roadmap for our startup and small business clients to help navigate the process of finding office space. Below are some of the most important questions to consider.


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When EDF Ventures launched in Ann Arbor in 1987 to invest in university-based technologies, the University of Michigan had one person working part time on technology transfer.

And at the time, the only other local venture capitalist in Southeast Michigan was Ian Bund.

"We were considered an oddity," said EDF co-founder Mary Campbell. " 'You're going to fund a professor? Why would you do that?' "

Image: LON HORWEDEL A key development for university spinoffs was the hiring of Ken Nisbet at the University of Michigan's tech transfer office in 1996. He remains at the university, as associate vice president for research and director of technology transfer.

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Jason Ubay

E ach week on the 17th floor of a Downtown Honolulu office building, two dozen CEOs and company founders gather for a stand-up morning meeting to review the positives and the negatives of the past week and talk about the investors they're going to meet that week.

But they're not your usual Bishop Street executives. And the setting is more Silicon Valley than Bishop Street.


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Raising a large pool of money from many small contributions online, known as crowdfunding, was supposed to be an option for startup business to raise money when President Obama signed the 2012 JOBS Act into law. But today, that method of raising investment capital still remains out of reach for many entrepreneurs. NewsHour special correspondent Karla Murthy explores the support, concern and timeline of the crowdfunding provision's implementation.


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puzzle pieces

Collaboration is important for nonprofits because it is based on the idea that organizations attempting to change the world for the better create a unified vision and strive towards common goals. However, even in the most pure of endeavors, there are some who shy away from the idea of working together. So are there valid reasons for nonprofit organizations to begin collaborating with one and other?


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usa flag

How well run is your state? Assessing a state’s management quality is hardly easy. The current economic climate and standard of living in any given state are not only the results of policy choices and developments that occurred in the last few years, but can also be affected by decisions made decades ago, and by forces outside a state’s control.


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Cleveland has a large share of natives who have lived in their residences for a long time. FlickrCC/Tom Baker

For years, many declining industrial cities watched as a steady stream of residents packed up their bags and moved away. Over time, as few people moved in to replace them, these cities became dominated by residents who had grown up in the area or had lived there for most of their lives.

Places like these are marked by people who maintain strong local ties and are generally more civically active, making for distinct communities. To help gauge how deeply rooted residents are in cities, Governing analyzed data from the Census Bureau’s latest American Community Survey. Factors reviewed included length of housing tenure, whether people lived in the state where they were born and recent migration data. From these measures, several cities emerged as places where residents tend to have deep local roots.

Image: Cleveland has a large share of natives who have lived in their residences for a long time. FlickrCC/Tom Baker

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