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Here we highlight selected innovation related articles from around the world on a daily basis.  These articles related to innovation and funding for innovative companies, and best practices for innovation based economic development.

Checklist box 2021 08 26 22 35 26 utcAcquiring a company can be a fast-track to profits, but it can just as easily thrust you into a dishearteningly expensive uphill battle. Here are six crucial considerations that can save you from betting on the wrong entrepreneurial horse (and losing it all in the process).


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Photo: DVIDSHUB/Seaman Kyle Gahlau/FlickrFrom what to wear to what to tackle first at work, we make thousands of decisions every day. Some are trivial, like choosing oatmeal instead of avocado toast. But other decisions can have serious consequences for yourself or others. When making those choices, it can be easy to get caught up, methodically weighing all your options. While it can feel like a sensible process, it can also cause you to miss out on opportunities. Sometimes you just need to make the call.

Image: Photo: DVIDSHUB/Seaman Kyle Gahlau/Flickr

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Photo courtesy of Stas Knop via PexelsWhen most people envision entrepreneurial success, they think of Mark Zuckerberg conjuring a global network the world can’t imagine living without, or Steve Jobs putting a sleek iPhone into the hands of millions of people.

Stinky piles of worm-infested garbage rarely come to mind.

Image: Photo courtesy of Stas Knop via Pexels

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Nimbus One 50 MPH enclosed 3 wheeled EV has car like convenienceTwo of the most cited reasons for car commuters shunning smaller vehicles like bikes, scooters and motorcycles are safety and weather. But the Nimbus One with its fully-enclosed design and car-like safety features is trying to solve both of those issues at once.

That’s the big idea, as the company says the Nimbus One “combines the convenience and cost of a motorbike with the safety and comfort of a car”.


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Leadership 2021 08 30 06 02 16 utcWith the rise of the gig economy and with many companies adopting flatter, more flexible organizational structures, now is the perfect time to refocus on what good leadership looks like. Because, in our rapidly changing workplaces, leadership will apply to more people than ever before. You may be overseeing a project that requires you to coordinate several team members. Or you may be a gig worker collaborating with other gig workers. Or you may be occupying a traditional management role. Whatever your job title, this precious ability to bring out the best in people will be a vital part of success.


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Activating the immune system at the site of a tumor can recruit and stimulate immune cells to destroy tumor cells. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)Activating the immune system at the site of a tumor can recruit and stimulate immune cells to destroy tumor cells. One strategy involves injecting immune-stimulating molecules directly into the tumor, but this method can be challenging for cancers that are not easily accessible.

Image: Activating the immune system at the site of a tumor can recruit and stimulate immune cells to destroy tumor cells. (CREDIT: Creative Commons)

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F3aaf6fc 0163 42a1 9db0 32118bd3c236Real innovation in the business world is still rare. As I’ve said before, everyone talks about innovation, but the majority of new business plans I see still reflect linear thinking – one more social network with more features, another smartphone app for marketing, or one more platform for faster e-commerce. Historic changes and great successes don’t come from linear thinking.


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95ac29 4be8c468f1a2461cbcd807c347b6aeea mv2A new technology developed by UZH researchers enables the body to produce therapeutic agents on demand at the exact location where they are needed. The innovation could reduce the side effects of cancer therapy and may hold the solution to better delivery of Covid-related therapies directly to the lungs.

Scientists at the University of Zurich have modified a common respiratory virus, called adenovirus, to act like a Trojan horse to deliver genes for cancer therapeutics directly into tumor cells.

Image: View of the tumor from the inside. A piece of the tumor was made completely transparent and scanned in 3D with a special microscope. The components labeled with fluorescent colors were rendered in a rotatable 3D representation on the computer (red: blood vessels, turquoise: tumor cells, yellow: therapeutic antibody).

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