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As the robotics market continues to grow beyond expectations and market predictions, the time is right for many entrepreneurs and roboticists to get into building a robotics company. But in addition to a company and product to offer, budding robot companies will need to think about where to start as well.

While many areas across the U.S. are appealing for startup companies, when it comes to robotics, Silicon Valley, Boston, Pittsburgh, Austin and Denver stand out in the U.S. We will discuss the upsides and potential downsides of each of these locations.


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SBA Logo

WASHINGTON, Feb. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Small Business Administration announced today the launch of its 17-state SBIR Road Tour. The Road Tour will stop at cities in the Southeast, Midwest, Rockies and the Central South.  It will connect entrepreneurs working on advanced technology to one of the country's largest source of early stage funding – the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

"SBA is focused on helping small businesses grow and expand. The $4 billion in federal early stage funding is often a critical piece to maturing an entrepreneur's research idea into a product or service. The Road Tours bring the federal managers to the entrepreneur and target areas and individuals that are underrepresented when it comes to receiving federal R&D funding," said SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza. "This tour reflects our continued commitment to ensure those innovators are aware of SBIR/STTR program resources." 


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Science Center Impact Report

We’re in the business of helping bright ideas become businesses while nurturing a workforce to support our 21st century economy. As you’ll see in this impact report, we operate in three distinct but interconnected ways: we help commercialize; we convene; and we cultivate the STEM talent pipeline.

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Photos What living in a tiny house actually looks like in real life Business Insider

Tiny houses are painted as a minimalist utopia. And while many tiny home dwellers love the lifestyle that brings, it doesn't come without a few challenges.

Tiny houses have their perks — they're both environmentally and budget friendly. But living in such tight quarters can create unexpected problems, like difficult zoning laws, easier wear and tear, taking care of compost toilets, and quick messes, to name a few.

Tiny houses may have their appeal, but they're not the right fit for everyone. There are a few things to consider before plunging into such a small space.

Image: Tiffany the Tiny Home -

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new york city

Living paycheck to paycheck is an unfortunately common hallmark of American life.

Having it all — the ability to cover basic expenses, while still having "fun money" and contributing to savings — can be a difficult feat.

That total amount, also known as an annual "living wage," varies significantly depending on what state you're in.

GoBankingRates recently determined the necessary living wage in each state using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. This popular general budgeting rule allocates 50% of annual income to necessities like housing, 30% to discretionary expenses like travel, and the remaining 20% to savings.


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social media

One in 4 companies (24%) say that social media is the least effective method of recruiting. 80% of businesses believe that interviews are an essential way to hire the best talent. However, 21% of companies say they regret relying on interviews alone in the hiring process, and instead say they had wished they had also tested candidates’ skills. These recruiting statistics were unveiled by a new survey compiled by Clutch, which surveyed 505 full-time employees in the US.


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The Illinois Technology Association will join forces with 1871, a Chicago-area tech incubator that focuses on small companies. Together, the groups say, they create a full package to support the state’s tech sector. It’s not unheard of for technology incubators to work directly with associations to help build out new ideas. The Washington, DC-based 1776 has done this on repeated occasions with a variety of trade groups.


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Labs for three physician researchers will occupy the UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center in Bloomfield when it opens in the fall of 2021, a cornerstone in the city’s plans for an innovation district and new economy.

Steel and heavy industry long dominated Pittsburgh’s economy, but all that has been changing.

The new center will house the labs of Mark Jay Shlomchik, chair of the department of immunology at the University of Pittsburgh; Robert Ferris, director of the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center; and Fadi Lakkis, scientific director of Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, in 245,000 square feet of a sprawling historic building where Model T Fords were once assembled on Baum Boulevard.


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Consulting is one of the most lucrative and competitive fields to break into.

We've all heard of big firms like Bain, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting Group, but few people know what it takes to land a job as a consultant. 

Business Insider has created a handbook for anyone who is curious about the ins and outs of working for a consultancy. Here's exactly what you need to know.


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From Megxit to “canceling” to swearing off Facebook to “Veganuary” and beyond, today’s quitting culture shows no signs of . . . quitting.

It was inevitable, then, that the quitting culture would invade the workplace, too.

Working as an HR professional for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen lots of people quit their jobs to take advantage of great opportunities. That’s not new, of course. What’s different now is that many talented professionals, without any effort on their part, are routinely bombarded by recruiters with employment opportunities offering great pay and attractive perks.


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By all accounts, 2019 was a year of continued robust healthcare M&A activity by private equity firms, significantly outpacing 2018. Private equity firms continued to deploy significant capital broadly across the healthcare industry during 2019 as demands to solve for industry inefficiencies, value-based payment models, and overall cost reduction all point toward private equity investment as an attractive option for healthcare businesses with aggressive growth strategies. In addition to the sustaining performance of the U.S. economy as a whole in 2019, the changing reimbursement and regulatory landscape of the healthcare industry contributed to deal volume overall and in particular sectors.


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Passion is the fuel that entrepreneurs need to keep going. Research shows that passion is a key predictor of entrepreneurs’ creativity, persistence, and venture performance. In other words, the more passionate the entrepreneur, the more likely they are to succeed.


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